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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Save Our Children from Petasan During Ramadan

Many Indonesian children like celebrating Ramadan with petasan. It's usually heard in afternoon before Maghrib or night after praying Tarawih.

In English, petasan is known by some terms, firecracker, fireworks, and sparkler. But in Indonesia, the terms are different.

I often see this firecracker is sold in some markets.

Indonesian people call it as kembang api (sparkler)

This is petasan lodong. Lodong is bamboo that is cut with size about 2 meters. It will create biggest sound. This petasan is categorized as a traditional firecracker.

It can make some children happy. They can laugh and laugh with their friends in rice field or open area. Unfortunately, it has high risk to hurt children, such as finger, eye, or other organs.

It's better to avoid our children from dangerous firecracker!

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