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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Counting Numbers One Till Ten and Sebelas to Twenty in Indonesian Language

Hello Katabah!
OK, today let’s know numbers from one untill ten in Indonesian Language.

1. satu (one)
2. dua (two)
3. tiga (three)
4. empat (four)
5. lima (five)

6. enam (six)
7. tujuh (seven)
8. delapan (eight)
9. sembilan (nine)
10. sepuluh (ten).

Then, we can apply them into some sentences as follow:
1. Mereka mempunyai tiga buah bola.
(They have three bals)
Mereka: they
Mempunya: have
Tiga buah: three
Bola: ball
Word “buah” is not fruit, but a measurement.

2. Ada dua buah buku di atas meja.
(There are two books on the table)
Ada: there are
Dua buah: two
Buku: book
Di atas: on
Meja: table:

Let’s continue to eleven till twenty:
11. sebelas (eleven)
12. dua belas (twelve)
13. tiga belas (thirteen)
14. empat belas (fourteen)
15. lima belas (fifteen)

16. enam belas (sixteen)
17. tujuh belas (seventeen)
18. delapan belas (eighteen)
19. sembilan belas (nineteen)
20. dua puluh (twenty)

So, to count from 12 till 19, we only add word “belas” for each number.

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