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Friday, August 14, 2015

Indonesian Language for foreign Students

Welcome to my blog to learn Indonesian language as a beginner. Here, you can read and ask me about basic of Indonesian. Although I just share the basic, but I am a native speaker of the language. So, you can know my national language more practice and natural. J

One of the strength, I will share tips for learning Indonesian language as well as many people learn English as a foreign language. I will use my experience when learning English, Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin.

Therefore, my steps will be suitable for you who understand Indonesian as a foreign language too. You will know about naouns, verbs, adjective, etc. in Indonesian language. Only using your knowledge about English basic, so you will understand Indonesian more easily.

Why should learn Indonesian language?
Many people in the world have known that Indonesia is a big country with rich culture and natural resource. So, this is a big country with biggest opportunities for business.

Let’s join me to learn Indonesian more! J

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