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Friday, August 14, 2015

Ini Budi Method in Indonesian Language

“Ini Budi” method is most popular in Indonesia. It’s a method for learning how to read that is usually taught to students in Elementary School, first class. Let’s know it more in practice!

Ini Budi.
(This is Budi)
Ini = this
Budi = name of person
Indonesian language doesn’t know “to be” (such as: are, am, is).

Ini ibu Budi.
(This is mother of Budi)
This is Budi’s mother.
Ini =  this
Ibu = mother

Ini ayah Budi.
(This is father of Budi)
Ini = this
Ayah = father

Ini adik Budi.
(This is younger brother of Budi)
Ini = this
Adik = younger brother

Ini kakak Budi.
(This is older brother of Budi)
Ini = this
Kakak = older brother
Kakak can be used for male or female.

Ini paman Budi.
(This is uncle of Budi)
Ini = this
Paman = uncle

Ini bibi Budi.
(This is aunt of Budi)
Ini = this
Bibi = aunt

See you next Indonesian language lesson!

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