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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Students Jamak Taksir in Arabic

First of all, I say “Welcome” for my visitors from abroad. Thank you for visiting my this beloved blog.

There is a question about “What is jamak taksir for students in Arabic?” I usually call Jamak Taksir as an “Irregular Plural Noun in Arabic”.

‘Students’ is plural from ‘student’ (without –s). Student usually has two translation in Arabic. They are tilmidzun (تِلْمِيْذٌ) and thalibun (طَالِبٌ).

Word تِلْمِيْذٌ and طَالِبٌ are mufrad (singular). So, what is Jamak Taksir of students?

Word تِلْمِيْذٌ has jamak taksir “تَلَامِيْذُ”.
While word طَالِبٌ has jamak taksir “طُلَابُ”.

But word تِلْمِيْذٌ has other plural form. It is plural for female (تِلْمِيْذَاتٌ).

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