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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Indonesian English Vocab Online Test

Hello Katabah!
How to master Indonesian language for people who can speak English? It’s very easy. We start to learn many vocabularies. We let grammar will be understood naturally, without making us dizzy.

Are you American? Are you Russian, British? Australian? Or you are a man/woman who wants to learn Indonesian? Don’t worry, I have tips for you to master the language.

Do you want a native speaker Indonesian teacher? Do you want to take conversation with an Indonesian? I’am an Indonesian and I use the language for every formal situation, even including non-formal condition, such as discussion and conversation.

In fact, you can communicate with me via comment box at by blog or via e-mail, but it’s still limited as usually happened in other media. If you dislike limited facility (active for 24hours and 7 days in a week), you can use my interactive product to check your Indonesian vocabularies.

I provide Indonesian-English vocabularies or otherwise online and freely for you. Starting beginner, intermediate till advance level. You can use Indonesian to understand scientific journal, newspapers, books and others.

Multitopics are available too, such as entertainment, politics, social, science, language, humanities, etc. I also will help you to be able to translate from English into Indonesia and otherwise through Online Vocabulary Test, especially its basics.

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