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Monday, February 22, 2016

Regular and Irregular Verbs in Indonesian Language

Hello Katabah!
In English, we know term “regular and irregular verb”. But Indonesian doesn’t know them. A verb form for present tense, past tense and perfect tense is same. Let’s see the examples below:

A. Regular Verb
Present: suka (like)
Past: suka (liked)
Perfect: suka (liked)

To express Past Tense, we can use word “sudah” before a verb, e.g.:
Present Tense:
Saya suka makan.
(I like eating)

Past Tense:
Saya sudah suka makan.
(I liked eating)

Other regular verbs:
1. membantu (help), sudah membantu (helped)
2. ingin (want), sudah ingin (wanted)
3. menjawab (answer), sudah menjawab (answered)
4. etc.

B. Irregular Verb
We can say that Indonesian also doesn’t have irregular verb because one verb can be applied to all tenses: Present, Past and Perfect. Let’s see these examples:

Present: terbit (arise)
Past: terbit (arose)
Perfect: terbit (arisen)

Let’s make a sentence using irregular verb!
Present Tense:
Matahari itu terbit.
(The sun rises)

Past Tense:
Matahari itu telah terbit.
(The sun arose)

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