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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Learning Arabic Where Are you From

Hello Katabah!
How to say “Where are you from?” in Arabic? Let’s see it in sentence, vocabularies and its reply!

مِنْ اَيْنَ اَنْتَ؟
Where are you from?

اَنَا مِنْ جَاكَرْتَا
I am from Jakarta.

If we want to ask a woman or girl, then please use this expression:
مِنْ اَيْنَ اَنْتِ؟

Anta (اَنْتَ): you (male)
Anti (اَنْتِ): you (female)

مِنْ: from
اَيْنَ: where
اَنَا: I
جَاكَرْتَا: Jakarta (capital of Indonesia)

Good luck for you to master Arabic soon!

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