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Monday, July 25, 2016

Learning Chinese Please (Pinyin)

Hello Katabah!
To refresh my mind in learning Arabic, I like trying different foreign language. Sometimes, I read about Chinese Mandarin.

In learning Chinese now, I make sentences by using word “please”. Here it is…

Main word
Qing: please

Let’s see my sentence examples below:
Qing jin!
(Come in, please)
Jin: come in

Qing cholai!
(Go out, please!)
Cholai: go out

Qing zuo!
(Sit down, please)
Zuo: sit down

Qing zhan!
(Stand up, please)
Zhan: stand up

Qing yue!
(Read, please)
Yue: read

Qing wen!
(Listen, please!)
Wen: listen

Qing dao!
(Speak, please!)
Dao: speak

Qing xio!
(Write, please!)
Xio: write

Thank you for reading my experience in Learning to Make Sentence Examples in Chinese by Using word “Please”. Happy reading! 

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