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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Learning Japanese Eat (Romaji)

Hello Katabah!
Honestly, I miss Learning Japanese because long time I have not could  write tutorial about it. This day, I start again…

On this post, I make sentences in Japanese by using word “eat”. In Indonesian, “eat” is “makan”. While in Japanese dictionary, it’s “taberu”. But, here, I use “tabemasu.”

Tabemasu: Eat

Let’s see the sentences below:

Anata wa gohan o tabemasu.
(You eat cooked rice)
Anata: you
Gohan: cooked rice
Tabemasu: eat

Anata wa mochi o tabemasu.
(You eat cake)
Mochi: cake

Anata wa pan o tabemasu.
(You eat bread)
Pan: bread

Watashi wa sakana o tabemasu.
(I eat a fish)
Watashi: I
Sakana: fish

Watashi wa niku o tabemasu.
Niku: meat

OK. Happy learning Japanese…! It’s a unique language in the world, especially its letters, Kanji characters.

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