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Friday, August 12, 2016

Learning Japanese Rice

Hello Katabah!
On this tutorial, I make some sentences in Japanese (Romaji) by using word “rice” (cooked rice).

1. Anata wa gohan o tabemasu.
(You eat rice)
Anata: you
Wa: particle (not translated)
Gohan: rice
O: particle (not translated)
Tabemasu: eat

2. Anata wa gohan o miru.
(You see rice)
Miru: see

3. Anata wa gohan o motsu.
(You hold rice)
Motsu: hold

4. Anata wa gohan o toru.
(You take rice)
Toru: take

5. Anata wa gohan ga aru.
(You have rice)
Aru: have

On other post, I probably write about using of “ga” and “o” too.

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