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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Learning Mandarin This is a Book

Hello Katabah!
On this post, I make a sentence “This is a book” and some sentences related to it in Chinese Mandarin. Let’s check it now!

Zhei shi shu.
(This is a book)
Zhei: this
Shi: to be (is)
Shu: book

Zhei shi qianbi.
(This is a pencil)
Qianbi: pencil

Zhei shi chi.
(This is a ruler)
Chi: ruler

Zhei shi bao.
(This is a bag)
Bao: bag

Zhei shi zhi.
(This is a paper)
Zhi: paper

Next, I make some sentences by using advanced vocabulary.
Zhei shi zheng.
(This is politics)
Zheng: politics

Zhei shi jiashe.
(This is development)
Jiashe: development

Zhei shi zhangjin.
(This is progress)
Zhangjin: progress

Zhei shi youxi.
(This is a game)
Youxi: game

Zhei shi shan
(This is a mountain)
Shan: mountain

Thank you for visiting my post about Making Mandarin Sentence for beginners. Happy reading!

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