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Monday, November 14, 2016

Arabic Also/Too

Hello Katabah!
On this Arabic tutorial, I make some sentences by using word “also” or “too”. Word “also” and “too” are translated into Arabic in one word only, “aidhan” (اَيْضًا). Let’s see some sentences below!

هُوَ تِلْمِيْذٌ اَيْضًا
هِيَ تِلْمِيْذَةٌ اَيْضًا
هُمْ تَلَامِيْذُ اَيْضًا

اَمْشِى فِى سَاحِلٍ اَيْضًا
اَنْظُرُ اِلْيْكِ اَيْضًا

1. Also
2. He is also a student (male).
3. She is also a student (female)
4. They are also students too (male - plural)

5. I also walk in a beach.
6. I also look at you (female).

هُوَ: he
تِلْمِيْذٌ: student (male)
هِيَ: student (female)
هُمْ: they (male)
تَلَامِيْذُ: students (male)

اَمْشِى: I walk
فِى: in
سَاحِلٍ: beach
اَنْظُرُ: I look
اِلْيْكِ: to you (female)

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