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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teaching Plan Model: ROPES Model

Teaching plan model according to Hunts is called ROPES model (Majid 99-101). ROPES is Review, Overview, Presentation, Exercise, Summary.  In practice, some of teachers frequently only pay attention on presentation and exercise process. The others are forgotten.

1. Review
How well students understand lesson before. It can be done for 1 to 5 minutes. This process is important to know understanding level of students. If they could understand lesson before, a teacher can continue next lesson. But if student can not understand lesson before, a teacher must explain again until understand.

2. Overview
Teacher explains content what will be taught shortly and strategy to use in learning process. It needs time about 2 till 5 minutes. This process is frequently forgotten, moreover when our students seems not active or smart. A teacher often does presentation process directly and passes overview process.

Whereas, overview will give global illustration of a lesson. So, if a student has enough high creativity in learning activity, they can learn a lesson by more creative ways.

3. Presentation
It is a main of learning process. A teacher does process of telling, showing, and doing. Whole teachers usually do this process. Even so, there are some of teachers who can not do good presentation. They only present a lesson without paying attention on class condition. This problem can make students experience boring, not understand, and other negative impact.

4. Exercise
Students practice what was understood them. Many teachers like giving exercise to their students. But they seldom determine: Will the students be able to finish the tasks or not? Moreover related to Home Work, frequently a teacher does not understand ability of his/her students. This problem often makes parents bustle.

5. Summary
Teacher tells summary to stress what main points of a lesson according to materials what is delivered in presentation process. This process is frequently forgotten. After giving presentation, some of teachers don’t give summary. This problem can not solve students with limited ability. Whereas if a teacher gives summary of a lesson, ‘stupid’ students can understand part of a lesson, though not completely.

Majid A. NY. Perencanaan Pembelajaran: Mengembangkan Standar Kompetensi Guru. Bandung: Remaja Rosdakarya.

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