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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Indonesian Celebrities with Unique Hairs

Not only Hollywood that shows with some uniqueness, but Indonesia also frequently performs with diversity strange things too.

These are three celebrities who are most popular in Indonesia, even in International level, with each unique hair:

1.      Agnes Monica with Alay Hairs

She’s well known as a young singer who can create great works in art field till USA.

This is photo of her hairs with other style:


2.      Melly Goeslaw with Mad Scientist Hairs

She is well known as a composer of some songs. Her voice is unique as well as her styles.

We can see her hairs in other style below:

3.      Mulan with Kriwil Red Hairs

She is famous with her beautiful voice. I never imagine she can perform with the style above because I usually watch her on some television program with hairs style as following:


In the source blog, we can see six celebrities with such unique hairs.

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