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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Most Popular Comedians from Indonesia

They are funniest men according to me. I watch they can express something that can make many people laugh.

1.      Sule
Photo: satufakta.blogspot.com

His full name is Entis Sutisna. Today, I think he gets the top popular in Indonesian comedian world. I more frequently watch Sule in Opera Van Java (OVJ) program in a television channel.

This commedian is most creative. He has special distinctive expression: “Prikitiw”. Besides a comedian, he also can sing well, including singing traditional songs, Sundanese songs from West Java.

2.      Aziz Gagap
Photo: celebvious.com

“Gagap” means stammer. He always speaks with stammer style in every television program.

I know him in OVJ program too with Nunung, Parto, Andre Stinky, and Sule.

3.      Komeng
Photo: tvguide.co.id

Komeng or Alfiansyah has being popular since I was still teenage through Spontan program. He has special distinctive voice and expression: “Uhuuuuy”



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