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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Arabic for Beginners 01001 English-Indonesian Method

Welcome to blog about Learning Arabic for Beginners from zero. I explain Arabic based on English Method so that it can be understood globally, including Americans, British, Australians and other people who usually read in English.

What is Indonesian method? Indonesian people learn Arabic as a foreign language as well as English. So, if you are not Arabian, don’t worry! It will run easily. J

The lessons will use format:
1. Arabic letters
2. Translation in English
3. How to read in very simple transliteration (Latin Letters as well as English or Indonesian). What you see, what you pronounce!

T: Transliteration

So, you are Islam or not; you study in an Islamic school or not; no problem. You will understand what I explain in this blog, alright!

Let’s learn Arabic together! J

Mufradat (Vocabulary)
صَبَاحَ الْخَيْرِ
Good morning
T: sobahal hoir

صَبَاحَ النُّوْرِ
Good morning (too)
T: sobaha nur

This (for male)
T: hada

This (for female)
T: Hadihi

Let’s see using of word “hadza”:
هَذَا  اَحْمَدُ
This is Ahmad
T: Hada Ahmad

هَذَا بَيْتٌ
This is a house
T: Hada bait

هَذَا أَبٌ
This is father
T: Hada abun

Word هَذَا is used for male or a noun has writing characteristic of male. اَحْمَدُ is a name for male; بَيْتٌ is noun has writing characteristic of male because it is not ended by ta marbuthah (ة); and أَبٌ is clearly categorized male, its writing is also without ta marbuthah (ة).

Let’s continue word “hadzihi”:
هِذِهِ  مَرْيَمُ
This is Maryam
T: Hadihi Maryam

هِذِهِ سَبُّوْرَةٌ
This is a blackboard
T: Hadihi saburoh

هِذِهِ اُمٌّ
This is mother
T: Hadihi umun

Although word مَرْيَمُ is not ended by ta marbuthah (ة), but Maryam is name of female, so it’s used “hadzihi”. Word سَبُّوْرَةٌ has writing characteristic for female because it’s ended by ta marbuthah (ة). And word اُمٌّ uses “hadzhi” because a mother is surely a female.

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