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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Arabic for Beginners 01004 English-Indonesian Method

To make sure we will not forget Arabic lessons before, try to rewrite sentences below! Then insert “sakal” (dlammah, fathah, kasrah or sukun) and traslate them too!

Every row is not related to other rows. Therefore, a sentence in first row is not related to a sentence in second row. Don’t be afraid!

يا أخي من أنت؟ أنا مَحْمُوْدٌ.
أنا أَحْمَدُ، أهلاوسهلا يا أخي! أهلابك.
ومن أنت يا أختي ؟ أنا زَيْنَبُ.
أنا مريم، ومن أنت يا أختي؟

Probably, there is a question: “Why are all of the names (Mahmud, Ahmad, Zainab) in the sentences above inserted ‘sakal’”? Because names of persons are difficult to find in an Arabic dictionary.

1. Don’t see lessons before or cheat other references to insert ‘sakal’ on the sentences above! J
2. Don’t cheat meaning of words from a dictionary or other sources too!

After finishing to insert “sakal” dan translating based on your ability, you are allowed to see the answer keys on lesson before. OK!
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