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Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Read Hanzi Chinese or Kanji Japanese for Beginners?

Hello Katabah!
Hanzi is characters in Chinese Mandarin, while Kanji is characters in Japanese. Kanji Japanese is adapted from Hanzi Chinese.

If we can understand Hanzi Chinese, then we will understand Kanji Japanese, though we can’t read them in same sound.

How to Read Hanzi Chinese or Kanji Japanese for Beginners? Here, I will give some examples using Kanji Japanese.

1. Start from one Kanji, as we know that a word can be written by one or more Kanji!
書物 (book)
So, we can choose first Kanji first. It looks very simple.

2. Use a simple Kanji!
You can make a decision your self to choose one of them. I my selft will choose first Kanji because my imagination assesses that first Kanji is simpler than second Kanji. It’s depended on your imagination J

3. Learn Kanji for most popular vocabularies first! (daily vocab)
This way is usually used in other language.

4. Write a Kanji several times, such as 5 times or 10 times
Let me say that memorizing Kanji or Hanzi means writing Kanji. So, it’s most different from memorizing English vocabularies.

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