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Monday, October 19, 2015

Indonesian Language Learning Online Free Live Chat

Hello Katabah!
If you are learning Indonesian language now, then you are visiting the correct blog because I like sharing about Indonesian Learning too here.

Besides posts, I want to be your partner to practice Indonesian. Here, we will not speak about Indonesian theory more, but tend to practice, practice and practice.

As a native speaker of Indonesian, probably I will help you to know the language more. Beside that, I also like using formal Indonesian language. Therefore, if you want to be a foreign student in Indonesia, then you will get enough good grammar. :D

Or, do you want to understand many references in Indonesian version? Don’t worry, I will help you too by explaining in English.

The very important for today is you must practice the language, such as you use Live Chat facility at this blog. Then, I will be a good partner for you.

So, feel free to chat with me and enjoy your learning process to master Indonesian language! :D

Let’s join!

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