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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Indonesian Vocabularies Test Online Free

Hello Katabah!
I know that there are some people in the world are learning Indonesian language today. They want to know this country because of its uniqueness.

For example, people from some countries take Indonesian course, such as Australia, Rusia, Vietnam and others. They invite Indonesian teachers or lecturers from Indonesia.

Indonesia has multi cultures. It has most beautiful views, such as mountain, sea, antique buildings and others. Beside it, Indonesian is known as a success democracy country in the world. Therefore, they can invite many people to visit.

As an Indonesian, I will be very glad to help anyone who wants to learn my native language. Recently, I post Free Online Indonesian Vocabularies Test at my blog.

So, you can answer vocabulary from English into Indonesian, or otherwise. As a native speaker who don’t take formal study in Indonesian department in university level, I prefer learning Indonesian naturally because I have studied the language since elementary school to senior high school.

I dislike grammar-oriented learning for beginners. But I am sure that we must prioritize to understand so many vocabularies. After that, we will be interested to learn grammar more easily.

In short word, I invite you all to enjoy my beloved work, Free Online Indonesian Vocabularies Test!

Happy for you!

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