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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to Make a Good Sentence in Indonesian Language?

Hello Katabah!
After knowing some vocabularies of Indonesian language, we can make some sentences from basic level till advance. Today, I make a specific blog about how to make a good sentence in bahasa Indonesia. Of course, it’s free, interactive and online.

For example, I ask you to make a sentence using word “mengambil” (take). So, you can answer: “Saya mengambil buku” (I take a book).

This method will make our vocabularies are more useful. My opinion is essence of language is vocabulary and a correct method for memorizing our vocabulary is making many sentences as often as possible.

But, if we don’t enrich our vocabulary, so our sentence and expression will be very limited, alright?

Blog LearningIndonesian for Foreign Students Online can be used by Indonesian people to practice English. You teach Indonesian lessons in English. It is a practice method to master English, alright? Be a good teacher for foreign students!

Do you want to try an exercise now? You can make a sentence using word “saya” (I). Good luck!

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