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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Indonesian Basic Grammar

Hello Katabah!
Indonesian grammar is very easy, especially for you who want to use the language till university level in practice. We will not face difficulties in changing a verb.

Subject will not change a verb form. Let’s see this example:
Mereka tidur.
(They sleep)

Dia tidur.
(He sleeps)

Saya tidur.
(I sleep)

By reading three sentence above, we know that word “tidur” (sleep) is used for subject: they, he and I. This is very simple, alright?

I sometimes say: “We can make an Indonesian sentence only using a dictionary.” For example:

1. Wee take three words from a dictionary:
a. house
b. we
c. buy

2. Then we make a sentence using three words above
We buy a house (English)
Kami membeli rumah (Indonesian)

So, we think, then opening a dictionary, finally making a sentence, without thinking grammar.

I also provide Indonesian basic grammar on the tittle: Noun in Indonesian Language With Examples.

Good luck and practice as soon as possible!

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