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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Indonesian Language Vocabulary for Beginners

Hello Katabah!
Recently, I frequently update how to increase Indonesian Language Vocabularies for beginners online? The new method is different from before.

The new methode is provided interactively. So, if we don’t have a partner to practice Indonesian, we will not worry because we can communicate with the computerized system.

For example, I have Indonesian and English vocabularies as following:

1. berbicara: talking
2. tentang: about
3. dan: and
4. orang-orang: people
5. apa: what

6. siapa: who
7. di mana: where
8. kapan: when
9. bagaimana: how
10. kamu: you

11. suka: like
12. saya: I
13. cangkir: cup
14. kopi: coffee
15. makan: eat

16. tolong: please!
17. memberi: menerima
18. aku: me
19. sepotong kue: a piece of cake
20. yang mana: which

If we memorize the words above using conventional method, then we must do hardly. But if you use myOnline Vocab Test, you will be asked to understand “word by word” (not memorize). It will be easier to practice.

For example:
My blog will display word “aku” and an empty box. Then you translate word “aku”. If you still don’t know it, then you can click the button “Show Answer”.

Good Luck!

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