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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Memorizing Indonesian Language Vocabulary With Online Interactive Media

Hello Katabah!
How to memorize Indonesian language vocabulary easily? I have the answer. I provide my interactive questions, and then you answer them. If you still don’t know the meaning in English, I also provide the answer key in every question.

As usual, I write the questions in some levels, from basic till advance. You know TOEFL, so I also provide questions as level as TOEFL, especially focusing on vocabulary.

Till now, I have more than 50 exercises. One exercise contains about 20 questions.

To make our mind not boring, I wrote in some topics, such as news, entertainment, business, economy, novel, etc.

When we memorize vocabulary using conventional method, it will force our mind to think more hardly. But using interactive method, we will practice vocabs interactively although without a teacher man/woman.

For example of conventional method:
Bagus: good
Jelek: bad
Pintar: clever
Bodoh: stupid

So,we must memorize the five words above and their order. While using interactive method, we will see words below:

we must not memorize them, but just remember what is the meaning of “good” in Indonesian language, “bad” in Indonesian, etc. Exactly, we don’t memorize the words, but we understand them, alright! It will be more easily to learn.

If you are one of students who like doing researches about Indonesia, as an native speaker, I’m ready to inform you about Indonesia happily. J

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