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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Free Bitcoin $1 From Site Bitga

Hello Katabah!
One of Indonesian-English lovers gives Free Bitcoin for us, in any countries. This is second program after Program Pulsa Gratis Rp 10.000 (special for people who live in Indonesia only). But program Free Bitcoin $1 is opened to any countries.

How to get it?

As usual, it is very easy. We type available easy words (about two words), then click button “Send”. If you’re lucky, you will receive a message to your e-mail.

How to be lucky?
It’s very simple. We should type quickly and correctly. We must compete with other typists in the world.

Typists in the world? So difficult? No, it’s not very difficult competition because Bitga will provide Free Bitcoin for many winners. In other word, if Bitga got many sponsors, so total winners will be increased more and more.

Don’t forget too! This program will help us to practice English and Indonesian without grammar.

Let’s join www.bitga.kitaabah.com….!

"Bitcoin and Forex are high risk business. We must join them smartly."
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