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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Get Bitcoin With Very Easy Way!

Hello Katabah!
Today, cloud mining is often offered to Bitcoin hunters. This system does not need special hardware as usual happened in conventional Bitcoin mining.

Many Bitcoiners don’t do Bitcoin mining because the hardware is very expensive. So, cloud mining may be an alternative.

For beginners, term “mining” is still strange. They prefer hunting BTC via faucet sites, such as,, etc. Or for bloggers, they usually display BTC ads on their blog.

Faucet is very easy to do, but we need good internet connection. If we only have low internet connection, Bitcoin trading may be an alternative too.

Trading? Yes. We can do BTC trading with low internet connection, but we should pay for deposit as our capital to do trading. After we have deposit in Rupiah or Dollar, we can buy Bitcoin. After that, we sell our BTC again with price that is higher than buying.

To join bitcoin trading, we can visit BTC-E dot com (for international trading) or we also can visit (for Indonesian and Asian trading).

On BTC-E, we can use Dollar ($) for buying/selling BTC. While on, we can use Rupiah (IDR) for buying/selling BTC (Bitcoin).

Enjoy what we can…!

"Bitcoin and Forex are high risk business. We must join them smartly."
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