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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting Free Bitcoin by Typing Words of Foreign Languages

Hello Katabah!
Today, I’m making a special blog (ha..ha..). I hope, we can learn foreign languages without grammar plus getting free Bitcoin. More special thing is free Rupiah for Indonesian typists. It’s fun, but I’m sure. :D

By this program, I hope learners can learn a foreign language while getting income. We pray that foreign language courses institution will advertise to introduce their good service.

On my blog, we learn Indonesian, English, Arabic, Japanese or Mandarin. And in their institution, we will get a good certificate, alright?

As the first step, I will provide bonus (free Bitcoin or Rupiah) for you who can type correctly and quickly. Starting approximately Rp 10.000 ($1) till Rp 100.000 ($10). For Bitcoiners, you can receive your revenue  in Bitcoin.

How to do the typing game?
It’s very simple. For example,  I display words “money, uang”. Then you type “money, uang”. To get free Bitcoin or Rupiah, you should submit them on provided box online

I hope it will run well next month though step by step. But I will try to launch small bonus in this month too. he..he... Hopefully, you pray me so that this program will be success.

I think, as a new and small program, it will be suitable for our game, for fun, for learning and collecting new experiences. But I also have a big dream to make it as a program with good income for you and for me and my team. :D

Anxious to try it? Be patient! I’m still making the guide for you, but I will inform it soon here.

"Bitcoin and Forex are high risk business. We must join them smartly."
Youtube: Katabah Com: Menuju 1 jt Konten :)