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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free Bitcoin

Hello Katabah!
To start activities using Bitcoin, we can get free Bitcoin from some online media, such as sites of faucet, game, giveaway, etc.

I share some free Bitcoin provider websites below:

1. – paid to surf
2. – paid to surf
3. - paid to surf
4.  - Claim Free Bitcoin

a. Paid to Surf
We must open some available websites, then type captcha. By this program, I usually can collect Bitcoin $0.02 hourly.

b. Wallet Address or Bitcoin Address
It is an addres for transfering (send and receive) Bitcoin. Some people usually make a Bitcoin wallet at or freely. We must have a wallet address before joining in the sites above.

c. Any Question?
I’m not a part of the sites above. So, if you face some trouble (such as error, pending payment, etc.), then you can contact an admin of each site. 

Good Luck!
Untuk Teman-Teman Indonesia
Bagi teman-teman yang membutuhkan penjelasan singkat, jelas dan padat tentang situs-situs di atas dalam bahasa Indonesia, klik Bitcoin gratis versi bahasa Indonesian ini.

"Bitcoin and Forex are high risk business. We must join them smartly."
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