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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kangkung Darat Indonesian Vegetable Research

Hello Katabah!
Are you a scientist? Are you a researcher? Do want to reasearch Indonesian vegetables? Let’s research Kangkung Darat. The vegetable can grow in a large area or in a yard.

Why Kangkung Darat?
We can plant kangkung darat easily. It can grow without difficult care. We just put the seeds on soil. Then we wait until 30 days later to harvest.

Kangkung darat also can be cooked easily. We can cook it by using oil, salt and flavor only. Then we are ready to eat delicious kangkung.

Even, some people eat uncooked kangkung. They eat them as lalap. Do you know lalap? Lalap is dish of raw vegetables and a spicy sauce. So, if you like hot dishes, kangkung is one of them for you.

Do you want to research kangkung more seriously in Indonesia with many researchers? You may go to campus IPB Bogor or UNPAD Bandung, West Java. Two of the universities have agricultural department. They also usually scholarship for foreign students.

Welcome to Indonesia and enjoy your research!

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