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Monday, June 27, 2016

Learning Arabic Welcome and the Reply (anta, anti, antum, atunna)

Hello Katabah!
This day, I am learning Arabic about “Welcome and the Reply”. To express “the reply”, we must use different patterns according to each subject.

The replies is:
اَنْتَ: you (singular, male)
اَهْلًا بِكَ
Reply for “ahlwan wa sahlan” with subject “anta”.

اَنْتِ: you (singular, female)
اَهْلًا بِكِ
Reply for subject “anti”.

اَنْتُمْ:you (plural, male)
اَهْلًا بِكُمْ
Reply for subject “antum”.

اَنْتُنَّ:you (plural, female)
اَهْلًا بِكُنَّ
Reply for subject “antunna”.

If we read some books about learning Arabic for beginners, then we will read the expression “اَهْلًا بِكَ”. It’s OK because the expression “اَهْلًاوَسَهْلًا” is not aimed to singular or plural.

But in practice, we can see how many persons who express “اَهْلًاوَسَهْلًا” to us, alright? So, in English, we also may say: “Thank you” or “Thank you all”.

Besides real conversation aspect, four replies above is suitable to Arabic grammar. So, we can practice Arabic using good grammar if it’s still possible.

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