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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Learning Indonesian Language 1906201601

Hello Katabah!
This post can be benefit for you who are learning Indonesian language or English. Let’s practice with my diary about learning Indonesian in practice and easy ways.

This morning, I listen to television: “Cintailah produk-produk Indonesia!” It’s an advertisement message.

How to speak the expression in English?
Let me say: “Love Indonesian products!”

Let us see its explanation at a glance!
Word “cintailah” comes from “mencintai” (to love). So, “cintailah” means “love!” (order/command).

Word “produk-produk” (products) is plural. Its singular is “produk” (product).

One sentence more,
In Indonesian: “Saya lapar.”
In English: “I am hungry” or “I’m hungry”.

Word “saya” is subject. It means “I”. In Indonesian, “saya” has a synonym, that is “aku”. But, we also often hear slanks of word “saya” on television, those are “ane” and “gue”. Therefore, “saya, aku, ane and gue” can be translated into “I”.

OK. That’s all. Happy learning and practicing Indonesian!

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