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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Learning Arabic He is (Profession)

Hello Katabah!
What is profession on this post? It includes student, teacher, doctor, etc. Let me make some Arabic sentences by using some profession.

هُوَ تِلْمِيْذٌ
He is a student.

هِيَ تِلْمِيْذَةٌ
She is a student.

هُو مُدَرِّسٌ
He is a teacher.

هِيَ مُدَرِّسَةٌ
She is a teacher.

هُوَ طَبِيْبٌ
He is a doctor.

هِيَ طَبِيْبَةٌ
She is a doctor.

Vocabulary (Mufradat):
هُوَ: he (male)
هِيَ: she (female)
تِلْمِيْذٌ: student (male)
تِلْمِيْذَةٌ: student (female)
مُدَرِّسٌ: teacher (male)
مُدَرِّسَةٌ: teacher (female)
طَبِيْبٌ: doctor (male)
طَبِيْبَةٌ: doctor (female)

Thank you for visiting my diary blog. Hopefully, you could enjoy my experience about Making Examples of Arabic Sentences to Express Some Profession. Happy reading! 

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