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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Learning Bahasa Sunda Balakecrakan

Hello Katabah!
Sundanese language (Bahasa Sunda) is a vernicular in Indonesia. It’s very interesting to research, either by Indonesian or foreign researchers. Why?

Because many people can study bahasa Sunda not only in West Java Indonesia, but also in Netherland. The country has complete reference about Sundanese language bacause Dutch colonials have brought Sundanese references from Indonesia long time ago.

Sundanese has unique words or expression can’t be translated into Indonesian or English perfectly. For example, word “balakecrakan.”

Word “balakecrakan” refers to “eat together happily”. It’s a special and unique expression because there is a common statement to express “eat together happily”, i.e. “Dahar babarengan kalawan bungah.”

Let’s see other sentence examples:
Maranehna dahar balakecrakan.
(They eat together happily)

Keluarga kuring keur dahar balakecrakan.
(Our family is eating together happily)

We can conclude that “balakecrakan” is used for plural. We can’t say that “Kuring dahar balakecrakan” (I eat together happily) because “kuring” is single personal pronoun with meaning “I”.

Vocabulary (Sundanese - English - Indonesian):
Maranehna: they (mereka)
Keluarga kuring: our family (keluarga kami)
Keur: continuous tense (sedang)
Dahar: eat (makan)
Babarengan: together (bersama-sama)
bungah: happy (bahagia)
kalawan bungah: happily (dengan bahagia)

Thank you for reading my post about Learning to Make a Sentence in Sundanese Language by Using Word “Balakecrakan”. Welcome to Sunda, West Java, Indonesia!

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