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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Teaching Arabic for Students of Elementary School Level

Hello Katabah!
Thursday is an English Day in Bandung City with Ridwan Kamil (Walikota). So, I will share my experience in teaching Arabic.

Recently, I ask my students to understand Arabic and English everyday after memorizing Quran.

I give them one word, one sentence or one expression in Arabic and English.

I see they enjoy this program. If I forgot to give them Arabic-English lesson, most of them reminded me: "Is there new lesson of Arabic-English today, sir?"

I immediately write one word or one sentence on the whiteboard. And they looked very happy.

Examples for first day:

1. My name.
2. Your name (male).

Second day:
1. Your name (male).
2. His name (male).

So, I just give them a new expression a day.

My students only memorize one expression. But, I appreciate if they want to memorize all expressions (two expressions).

Except Thursday and Friday. In these days, I suggest my students to memorize two expressions. And two of the expressions must be new.

I introduced to them that Thursday is English Day and Friday is Arabic Day.

  • I hope this program can run well though it's still performed in my small house.

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