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Friday, November 4, 2016

Arabic This (Male and Female)

Hello Katabah!
On this post, I share some examples about using of word “this” in Arabic. As we know that “this” for male and female is different. So, be careful for a beginners!

هَذَا ابُ
هَذَا اَبِى
هَذَا اَبُهُ
هَذَا اَبُهَا

هَذِهِ اَمٌّ
هَذِهِ اُمِّى
هَذِهِ اُمُّهُ
هَذِهِ اُمُّهَا

1. This is a father.
2. This is my father.
3. This is his father.
4. This is her father.

5. This is a mother.
6. This is my mother.
7. This is his mother.
8. This is her mother.

هَذَا: this (male)
هَذِهِ: this (female)

Bot word “هَذَا” and “هَذِهِ” are singular. So, use a different form for plural, either for male or female!

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