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Friday, August 21, 2015

To Meet Someone in Indonesian Language

Hello Katabah!
How about your Indonesian language skill know? Could you speak it fluently? Could you write very well? I hope so. Indonesian has rich culture and big opportunities for business, including for you as a foreign man/woman.

If you meet someone (such as: friend), what will you say? I have the expressions below:

Halo, kawan!
(Hello, friend!)

Apa kabar?
(How are you?)

Kemana saja?
(Where have you been?)

Saya rindu kamu.
(I miss you)

Bisakah kita ngobrol di sana?
(May we talk something there?)

Saya gembira sekali bertemu kamu lagi.
(I’m very glad to meet you too)

Jangan lupa ke rumahku besok ya..!
(Don’t forget to go to my house tomorrow, alright!)

Senang bertemu anda.
(Nice to meet you)

Senang bertemu anda juga.
(Nice to meet you too)

Sampai jumpa.
(see you later)


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