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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Indonesian Vocabulary and Daily Expressions

Hello Katabah!
Today, I update Indonesian vocabulary lesson again…! As usual, with each sentence example.

Vocabulary: mau (English: want)
Saya mau nonton.
(I want to watch)

Completely, you can read my article with title “Learning Indonesian Vocabulary for Beginners,Intermediate, Advanced”.

Special for this post, I also share daily expressions in Indonesian language. Once again, special for you….! My beloved readers…! :D

Daily Expressions:
Selamat pagi!
(Good morning!)

Selamat siang!
(Good day!)

Selamat sore!
(Good afternoon!)

Selamat malam!
(Good evening!)

Apa kabar?
(How are you)

Bagaimana kabarmu?
(How are you)

Di mana kamu tinggal?
(Where do you live?)

Saya tinggal di Jakarta.
(I live in Jakarta)

Apakah kamu bisa berbahasa Inggris?
(Could you speak English)

Saya bisa berbahasa Inggris.
(I can speak English)


(Excuse me)

Senang bertemu Anda.
(Nice to meet you)

Senang bertemu Anda juga.
(Nice to meet you too)

Sampai jumpa.
(See you later)

Alright, happy learning Indonesian language. Never give up, OK! :D

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