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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Learning Arabic He is My Friend

Hello Katabah!
Welcome to my diary blog! On this post, I am learning Arabic to make sentence “He is my friend.”

I suggest you guess what is the translation of these sentences before reading my translation on the last part of this post.

هُوَ صَدِيْقٌ
هُوَ صَدِيْقِىْ
هِيَ صَدِيْقَةٌ
هِيَ صَدِيْقَتِىْ
هُمْ اَصْدِقَاءُ
هُمْ اَصْدِقَائِىْ
Vocabulary (Mufradat):
هُوَ: he
صَدِيْقٌ: friend (male)
صَدِيْقِىْ: my friend (male)
هِيَ: she
صَدِيْقَةٌ: friend (female)
صَدِيْقَتِىْ: friend (female)
هُمْ: they
اَصْدِقَاءُ: friends
اَصْدِقَائِىْ: my friends

1. He is a friend.
2. He is my friend.
3. She is a friend.
4. She is my friend.
5. They are friends.
6. They are my friends.

Thank you for visiting my Arabic blog. Hopefully, there is benefit for you. Happy learning Arabic anywhere and anytime!

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