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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Learning Japanese This is My Ball

Hello Katabah!
Long time no update about Learning Japanese. Today, I’m learning how to make a sentence “This is my ball” in Japanese (Romaji). Besides it, I will change word “ball” becoming different words.

Kore wa watashino booru desu.
(This is my ball)
Kore: this
Watashino: my
Booru: ball.

Kore wa watashino hana desu.
(This is my flower)
Hana: flower

Kore wa watashino ringo desu.
(This is my apple)
Ringo: apple

Kore wa watashino kaban desu.
(This is my bag)
Kaban: bag

Kore wa watashino enpitsu desu.
(This is my pencil)
Enpitsu: pencil

Kore wa watashino kuruma desu.
(This is my car)
Kuruma: car

Word “watashino” comes from “watashi” (I) and “no” (possessive particle).

Thank you for reading my post about “Making a Sentence ‘This is My Ball’ in Japanese.”

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