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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Arabic Greetings Latin

Hello Katabah!
Today is English day in my campus. So, I write about Arabic in English. This tutorial is aimed to beginners who still can’t read Arabic letters. So, don’t worry, I will write in Latin letters as easy as writing in English or Indonesian.

My topic today is about “Greeting” (Salam). This tutorial uses simplified transliteration (not international standard) to make easy.

1. Sobahul hoir
(Good morning)

2. Sobahus surur
(Good morning): for a reply

3. Masa-al hoir
(Good afternoon)

4. Masa-an nur
(Good afternoon): for a reply

5. Lailatuk saidah
(Good evening)

6. Saidah mubarokah
(Good evening): for a reply

7. Naharuk saidah
(Good day)

8. Said mubarok
(Good day): for a reply

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