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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Indonesian Language for American

Hello Katabah!
Indonesia is a good market for many countries in the world, including America. Two of the countries have strong relationship. So, if an American can understand Indonesian language, then you have big chances for exploring Indonesia.

I know that many Americans use English as their introduction language, either spoken or written. So, if you want to understand a foreign language, then you will be enough to get English references.

Is there Indonesian language references in English version?
You also know that Indonesian people is famous because of their activity in social media. They are most active online. So, although this country is not level as USA wholly, but there are Indonesian language references can be found online and of course freely too.

Because I am also a language lover, so I provide Indonesian language references in my blog too. It use interactive system. So, you can learn Indonesian more effectively. Join it without registration and find the language exercise in some levels, including for beginners!

So, are you an American? Are you an English speaker? Don’t worry! I explain about “How to master Indonesian language” in English too. J

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