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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Indonesian Language for Australian Students Online Free

Hello Katabah!
I hear that some students in Australia learn Indonesian language as a main subject in their school. Even they learn the language in Elementary School.

Then, some students can take Indonesian language subject as optional in Junior High School and Senior High School. Someday, the ambassador of Indonesia for Australia visited them, and they enthusiastically said: “Selamat pagi” (good morning), “Selamat datang” (welcome), dan “Terima kasih” (thank you).

As an Indonesian, I’m very happy to hear that. I really want to share my knowledge about Indonesian language for all people, including Australian people.

Little by little, I learn English. By the foreign language, I want to introduce Indonesian language for so many English speakers. Australian and Indonesia are neighbor, so understanding English and Indonesian will make us understanding cultures one another, alright?

As a simple way, you can access my Free Online Indonesian Language Learning at my blog now. It helps students to learn interactively.

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