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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Indonesian Vocabulary and Sentence Examples Update

Hello Katabah!
Are you learning Indonesian language? Be happy! Because today we can try some exercises (vocabulary tests) completed with sentence examples.

By passing many vocabulary tests, so we enrich our words. By understanding many Indonesian sentences, so we enrich our expression to do some conversation or reading Indonesian texts.

Step by step, I provide some sentences examples in bahasa Indonesia. Besides it, I also invite you to make a sentence yourself. Then, I will correct your answer. This is very important, very important, to make our understanding grows very well.

Actually I also make sentence examples based on basic grammar. I introduce about noun, verb, etc. of bahasa Indonesia to you.

Let’s see these examples:
about: tentang
Buku itu tentang bahasa Inggris.
(The book is about English)

The sentence above is written to complete your skill in vocab tests.

Noun as Subject
Ayam jantan (cock)
Ayam jantan lari.
(The cock runs)

The last sentence is written to know Indonesian grammar basic.

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