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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Learning Arabic Who & And

Hello Katabah!
Learning Arabic know? Yes, it’s about how to use word “who” and word “and”. Word “who” is “man”, while “and” is “wa”. Let’s explore them with Arabic text too.

مَنْ: who
وَ: and

Let me make some sentences by using the words above:
مَنْ اَنْتَ؟
Who are you? (male)

اَنَا اَحْمَد
I am Ahmad.

مَنْ اَنْتِ؟
Who are you? (female)

اَنَا اَمِنَة
I am Aminah.

مَنْ هُمَا؟
Who are they?

هُمَا اَحْمَد وَ مَحْمُوْد
They are Ahmad and Mahmud.

مَنْ هُمَا؟
Who are they?

هُمَا اَمِنَة وَ مَرْيَم
They are Aminah and Maryam.

Subject “huma” (هُمَا) can be used for male and female in plural. But we must remember that Arabic has two kinds of plurals, they are:
1. Two subjects: huma  (هُمَا)
2. Three or more subjects: hum (هُمْ) or hunna (هُنَّ).

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