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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Learning Arabic And You?

Hello Katabah!
We usually use expression “And you?” as a short question after receiving a question from our friend. For example: “Are you happy?” “Yes, I am happy, and you?”

Today let’s see such expression in Arabic plus short conversation:

And you?

مَا اِسْمُكَ؟
What is your name?

اَنَا فَاطِمَة، وَاَنْتَ؟
I am Fatimah, and you?

اِسْمِى اَحْمَد
My name is Ahmad.

Expression  “wa anta?” (وَاَنْتَ؟) is aimed for male, while for female we can use “wa anti?” (وَاَنْتِ؟).

وَ: and
اَنْتَ: you (male)
اَنْتِ: you (female)
مَا: what
اِسْمُكَ: your name (male)
اَنَا: I
اِسْمِى: my name

Thank you for reading my experience in learning to express “And you?” in Arabic. See you later!

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