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Friday, December 23, 2016

سُعَالٌ su’al Arabic English

Hello Katabah!
What is the meaning of “su’al” (سُعَالٌ)? Category: Arabic into English. It’s adapted from Arabic Book for Class 4 Elementary School.

عِنْدِيْ سُعَالٌ
عِنْدَكَ سُعَالٌ
عِنْدَكِ سُعَالٌ

عِنْدَهُ سُعَالٌ
عِنْدَهَا سُعَالٌ
عِنْدَهُمْ سُعَالٌ

1. a cough
2. I suffer from a cough.
3. You (male) suffer from a cough.
4. You (female) suffer from a cough.

5. He suffers from a cough.
6. She suffers from a cough.
7. They suffer from a cough.

عِنْدِيْ: I suffer
عِنْدَكَ: you (male) suffer
عِنْدَكِ: you (female) suffer

عِنْدَهُ: he suffers
عِنْدَهَا: she suffers
عِنْدَهُمْ: they suffer

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