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Friday, October 9, 2015

Verb: Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language

Hello Katabah!
In Arabic, a verb will experience 14 changes according to 14 personal pronouns. The changes can occur as a prefix or suffix. Therefore, grand total of the changes is 28 changes. Enough wow for beginners, alright???

But, I make them simple. Sometimes, I do such changes based on personal pronouns in English, i.e.: they, we, I, you, she and he. So, I only do six changes in Arabic first.

The way will keep our mind fresh than we must do 14 changes for every sentences. After understanding the six changes, then I plan to learn next changes again.



Five of the personal pronouns above can be apply in a verb (يَحْفِرُ means “to dig”) using Present Tense pattern, such as:
هُمْ يَحْفِرُوْنَ
(they dig)

نَحْنُ نَحْفِرُ
(we dig)

اَنَا اَحْفِرُ
(I dig)

اَنْتَ تَحْفِرُ
(you dig)

هَيَ تَحْفِرُ
(she dig)

هُوَ يَحْفِرُ
(he dig)

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