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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Learning Arabic Subject I and You

Hello Katabah!
Welcome to my diary blog. Here, I share my experiences in learning Arabic as a foreign language in Indonesia. Hopefully, I can write about “Learning Arabic” as so much as possible on this beloved blog.

In this session, I’m learning about subject “I” and “you” in Arabic. As you know that Arabic has 14 subjects. But I start from two of them.

اَنَا: I
اَنْتَ: you (male)
اَنْتِ: you (female)

Let me make some sentences as below:
اَنَا  اَحْمَد
I am Ahmad.

اَنَا اَمِنَة
I am Aminah.

اَنْتَ اَحْمَد
You are Ahmad.

اَنْتِ اَمِنَة
You are Aminah.

Ahmad is a name of a man, while Aminah is a name of woman. In Arabic, “you” for male and “you” for female are different. OK!

I also apply two of the subjects in verbal sentences:
اَنَا اَذْهَبُ اِلَى بُسْتَانٍ
I go to garden.

أَنْتَ تَذْهَبُ اِلَى مَكْتَبٍ
You (male) go to office.

أَنْتِ تَذْهَبِيْنَ اِلَى مَكْتَبٍ
You (female) go to office.

اَذْهَبُ, تَذْهَبُ, تَذْهَبِيْنَ: go
اِلَى: to
بُسْتَانٍ: garden
مَكْتَبٍ: office

That’s all. See you later…!

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