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Friday, July 22, 2016

Learning Arabic This for Male and Female

Hello Katabah!
Welcome to my beloved blog to practice Arabic everyday and every time. Hopefully, this post will give us benefit though just a little.

In English, we can use word “this” for all persons (genders), either male or female. But, it’s different in Arabic.

هَذَا: this (male)
هَذِهِ: this (female)

I make some sentences by using two of the words above. Let’s check it out…!

هَذَا طَبِيْبٌ
This is a doctor (male).

هَذِهِ طَبِيْبَةٌ
This is a doctor (female).

هَذَا مُوَظَّفٌ
This is an employee (male).

هَذِهِ مُوَظَّفَةٌ
This is an employee (female).

هَذَا تَاجِرٌ
This is a trader (male).

هَذِهِ تَاجِرَةٌ
This is a trader (male)

Vocabulary (Mufradat):
طَبِيْبٌ: doctor (male)
طَبِيْبَةٌ: doctor (female)
مُوَظَّفٌ: employee (male)
مُوَظَّفَةٌ: employee (female)
تَاجِرٌ: trader (male)
تَاجِرَةٌ: trader (female)

OK. Thank you for reading my tutorial about Examples of Arabic Sentences by Using Word “This”. Happy reading and see you on more challenging lesson…!

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